Свадьба в песках, цветок пустыни, Подмосковье. Fine Art

"The shooting stylistics for Theresa and Kiss were inspired by the movie Desert Flower. In our shooting, we wanted to create something new and most importantly everything was shot near the city, so I did not have to go to the real dunes. Desert turns into beauty thanks to details and of course couple. Yellow, brown and gold shades - created a beautiful color palette. I think we managed to show how the desert can be transformed into a beautiful place filled with love - really like the flowers of the desert." — публикация в Trendy Bride Magazine.


Стилист: Елизавета Святец | Флористика и декор: Flower Rivers | Платье: Cathy Telle | Костюм: Patrikman | Полиграфия: Nikolietta | Шелковые ленты: Silky Rivers